Really. It's fun.

Building your brand can be daunting—even exhausting. Let's change that, shall we?

Unless you know someone who will help you build your brand from inside a fort made of pudding and graham crackers, working with me is the most fun you'll have crafting a logo, whipping up some killer copy, or spiffing up that website of yours. I make it fun because I really care how it turns out.

I care if you like it; I care if it's invigorating to you; I want you to love it so much that you do the running man on the roof while no one is watching. (Though someone will totally see that and put it on YouTube.)

FiveUp Full Package for The World


One winter day, I got the idea to build something that sends people happy messages every day. For fun. In the name of Awesomeness. Many, many moons later, FiveUp was born. I had my fingers in every aspect of this project from logo design, to copy editing, to front- and back-end development. It's my little furry pet, and I love it.


FiveUp Full Package FiveUp Full Package FiveUp Full Package

Whole Package Branding for Hope Lives


This entire project was a labor of love. It was medical fundraising project for a family with big, big, unbelievably unfair needs. We had an amazing team pulling for our friends, and I had the great pleasure of developing a brand to rally around. Eventually, we used that brand, a boatload of email campaigns, the GIVE WordPress plugin, and a relentless community to get ALL the funds they needed. It was incredible. Hope always lives.


Whole Package Branding Whole Package Branding Whole Package Branding

Those Kids are Our Kids package for Justin Phillips


Justin Phillips is a rock star educator who needed a logo and website that would help him bring his knowledge and passion to the masses—especially his belief that there are no "those kids"; no other kids; just kids we should all care about. Together we whipped up a neat and fun logo, and got him set up with a custom WordPress site that allows him to keep content flowing without any fuss.

Visit Those Kids Are Our Kids


Those Kids are Our Kids package Those Kids are Our Kids package Those Kids are Our Kids package

Edwards Pension Services Logo for Mike Edwards


Mike needed a logo for his newly-launched company, Edwards Pension Services, Inc. He brought in a font and design he liked, then we worked on it together. The end result is clean, polished, and portrays the superhero professionalism we all look for in someone you're going to let handle all your moo-lah.


Edwards Pension Services Logo Edwards Pension Services Logo Edwards Pension Services Logo

Reams Photo Logo for Amy Reams


Reams Photo was about to jump into the world of a-mazing photography, and Amy needed a brand identity that really *felt* like she and her husband Paul. Done and done.


Reams Photo Logo Reams Photo Logo Reams Photo Logo
Melanie Crutchfield Consulting
Let's do something awesome.

Every project's an adventure, and yours is waiting. Drop me a line. Let's do this.

Melanie Crutchfield Consulting
I’m someone who maybe would try to figure things out and do a marginal-to-decent job on putting something together, but—man!—am I glad that I went to a professional.

The logo and design Melanie and I came up with reflects my belief and my passion as an educator that “Those Kids are Our Kids”. My website has given me a space for professional reflections and it’s made a difference in the stage that I’m at in pursuing professional leadership.

I’ve already more than quadrupled what I put into the project. In fact, it was one major thing that helped me land a principal job. And it can grow with me. I continue to work with Melanie to add new features, to tweak things, to make different visual representations of my branding…I’m going to use her services throughout my career. She delivers—over-delivers—on the product, and I’ll continue to recommend her. You’re in good hands with Melanie.

 -Justin Phillips

Someone complimented me on my logo and it felt way more amazing than I thought it would. I mean he’s a guy who had been in business for 40 years. I thought, “That makes me feel awesome. It makes me feel like I’m doing the right things to start up my business.”

I always thought people who would walk around with like their business cards or logo on their stuff were so full of themselves, but now I would totally have stuff with my logo on it because it represents MY company and something that I’m proud of. I don’t know that I fully realized how important it was until I had my own business.

I think Melanie takes more personal investment in designing a logo and making sure she knows what her clients want. She took into account what I wanted and used it, but then made it better in ways that I wouldn’t have known how to do or anticipated. It’s not just a paycheck to her; it’s a lot of fun.

 -Mike Edwards

Melanie created a logo that I love. It’s been 8 years and it’s still really relevant. It's been able to modernize without actually changing. It’s iconic. It’s identifiable.

The diversity of use is perhaps its coolest feature: It can be easily translated to a favicon or a business card; it does well in black and white; we can make it transparent and use it as a watermark or use it as a background.

It was helpful to go through the design process with somebody who has a talent in simplifying. Melanie heard me, saw my inspiration and my images, then helped me condense what my brand is, and professionalize my personality. She had a lot of respect for me as person and as an entrepreneur.

Melanie was a delight to work with. And she makes good coffee. 😃

 -Amy Reams
Doer of things, dreamer of dreams

I’m an obsessive learner. I drink far too much coffee. I think being creative is about the best thing you can do with your time, which is why I do what I do.

I have a background in Fine Art Photographic Printing, and I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some off-the-charts talented photographers. Creative teamwork: it’s awesome.

These days I work with several cool tech tools like Python, Django, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and my trusty Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet.

Recently I developed, coded, and launched FiveUp, a service that sends you random happy texts throughout your day.
Creativity + happiness = win.

I believe in hope, kindness, Ben and Jerry’s Salted Carmel Core ice cream, and spunk. And you. Let’s do something fun.